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For Better Neonatal Care

We'r trying to make neonatal care accurate and easy with our Application 

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Dr. Venkat Reddy, DNB (Ped.) DNB (Neo) 

Asst. Professor, Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad

Consultant Neonatologist, Paramitha Children Hospital, Kompally, Hyderabad


Our Extensive Work is to Make it Easy for You


Scores & Charts

As a part of assessment of the sick neonates, Health care personnel use a lot of scores and charts for better diagnosis and care for the babies. We have tried to digitalize these scores and charts so that it will make the day to day activities easy and accurate..


Management of diseases in these babies requires lot of calculations with respect to medications, feeds and fluids. Here we have applied calculators for the commonly used high risk medication, Parenteral Nutrition and various situations like....

Check Lists

We have digitized the checklists for commonly done procedures which will help the students and residents for better learning of the procedures by checking whether they are doing the procedures as per the checklist.


We have prepared illustrations for pathophysiology of neonatal diseases and care practices. These will help in better understanding of the concepts and can act as ready reckoner.


Developed for Neonatal Care


Dr. Srinivas Murki,

Chief Consultant Neonatologist,

Head of Academics, 
Paramitha Children Hospitals

NeonatAI is a useful application to residents, post-graduates, nursing staff, pediatricians and neonatologists taking care of sick as well as healthy newborns. It simplifies the care process and empowers the health staff in improving quality care. It has calculators, checklists, infographics and scores/charts



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