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      Management of diseases in these babies requires lot of calculations with respect to medications, feeds and fluids. Here we have applied calculators for the commonly used high risk medication, Parenteral Nutrition and various situations like Hypernatremic dehydration, etc. This will help the health care personnel in quick and accurate calculation of medications and fluids. 

List of calculators 

  1.   Premedication for intubation 

  2.   ETT, Central lines 

  3.   Oxygenation indices 

  4.   Cardiac medication

  5.   Seizure medication 

  6.   Sedation 

  7.   Nutritional requirements – parenteral & enteral 

  8.   TPN calculator 

  9.   Enteral nutrition calculator 

  10.   GIR calculation 

  11.   Sodium, potassium, bicarbonate correction

  12.   Weight gain calculator 

  13.   Ponderal index

  14.   Creatinine clearance

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